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A Reliable Source For Engineered Answers in Medical Device Processing, Image Analysis, Computer Vision, Point Clouds Predictive Analytics, and Rapid Structural Analysis.
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A customer-focused engineering services company.  "Solving Your Tough Surface and Material Problems is our Business"

About Us

Russell A. Crook Ph.D. owner and principal consultant has work experience at the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, and as a Guest Scientist at Brookhaven National Laboratory. Russell's linkedin page can be found here  SSA is a leading provider of engineering services, we take pride in offering the best customer-focused solutions for your surface problems with clients in Ohio, Indiana, Texas and California. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers each and every day. We are a multidisciplinary company with 30 years of documented experience in solving customer problems related to surfaces. Our expertise include surface physics, image analytics, computer vision, predictive analytics, point cloud analysis, rapid structural analysis, chemical modification, surface engineering, polymer engineering, structural modeling/finite element analysis, adhesion and fracture, optical properties of surfaces, surface cleanliness, process modeling/optimization.

Surface Science Analytics, LLC A Trusted Source for Engineered Solutions In Materials, Predictive Analytics, Image Analysis and Computer Vision.