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Fracture Mechanics and Failure Mode Analysis

Failure of a adhesion joint is a function of the constitutive properties of the adhesive, the surface treatment, and loading of the joint. This page briefly discussions the result of work documented in

R.A. Crook, K.L. Laheru, J.W. Sinclair,”The use of Surface Preparations and Fillers in the Promotion of Cohesive Failure of EA946/Al Bondlines", Surf. and Coat. Tech.140,1-10,(2001).

A structural adhesive EA946 was examined in Mode I fracture with two kinds of fumed silica fillers at the same loading levels. The first formulation has M5 Cab-O-Sil at5% loadingwhich has an adhesion promoter on its surface. The second formulation has a non-functionalized coating in it(TS720). 

The figures below show that the TS720 particles serve as initiation site for failure within the adhesive. The result is a dramatic increase in the amount of cohesive failure (failure inside the adhesive). This is a desirable results as it promotes process insensitivity and predictable failures.

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